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Pre tan treatment

Please exfoliate your entire body with a professional grade mitt before your tanning session and “wear nothing” on your skin before your tan. This means no creams, deodorants or perfumes of any sort, they all inhabit the tanning process. for best results and the longest lasting tan ask our staff about our product range to enhance your tan and increase the length of time your tan is with you. Some sessions may require an operator to come in and re-set the booth for you.

If you have any other tanning products on your skin, thoroughly remove these prior to your Spray Tan treatment. This will help to guarantee a more even, longer lasting result.

Please perform hair removal such as waxing and shaving prior to your Spray Tan treatment.

Post tan treatment

Do not do swim, shower or do anything that will make you perspire excessively for the recommended 4- 6 hours after your tan, but for best results shower 12 hours after your tan.

For best results, when rinsing off your tan, do not use body wash or soap. remember to gently towel pat your skin dry after showering rather than rubbing

Avoid staying in baths, pools, spas or showers for extended periods, otherwise this can decrease the time frame of your tan.

Use the recommended tanning aftercare products like a tan extender moisturiser to lengthen the life of your tan.