Ultimate Tan Treatment $49.99 Best seller and value for money!!!

Do you want the best possible result and the longest lasting tan available in Australia? The Bronze Bodies tanning treatment starts with a specially designed Prep spray which ensures that your skin is ideally prepared to absorb our premium bronzing solution. it also helps balance the pH level of your skin to ensure the proteins in your skin react well with the sugar in our solution. Finish off a great tan with an anti- aging moisturiser. You will love the results!!!

Purchase multiple sessions at once for the regular tanner to save money.

10 x Ultimate Tan Treatments ONLY $449.99 Normally $500.00

(20 week expiry)

5 x Ultimate Tan Treatments ONLY $219.99 Normally $250.00

(10 week expiry)

Just the Basics

Full Body Tan $34.99

For those of you who just want a quick tan at the best possible price, this is the option for you. VersaSpa tanning solution gives you a naturally looking tan which is simply the best available on the market today. You have a choice of three custom shades of golden brown.

Body Only Tan $34.99

Don’t want your face tanned? Bronze Bodies offers you a Premium Bronzing Solution that tans the entire body minus your face.

Leg Tan $ 29.99

Do you just want just your legs tanned or want to get a double shot of tanning solution on those hard to tan legs? The Leg Pass is available as a basic tan solution legs only, or as a double shot on legs when getting a full body pass.

Face Only $ 24.99

Faces loose their tan faster tan any other part of the body because they are exposed to the elements. If you want a top up tan on your face then this is a quick and convenient way to keep it tanned.

Bum Tan $ 24.99

Are you wanting to minimize that white bikini line and get an all over tan that is as even as possible? Choose our extra shot of tan on your rear end and it will even up that “white bit”

Moisture Heaven $14.99

Why not give your body a treat with our anti- aging moisturising treatment. This treatment keeps your skin feeling young and supple.